The original fire-extinguisher vitrines in the staircases of the K1 building became useless after the renovation. In the artworks, these vitrines are made visible again by focusing on their original use. The interplay between space, shape and materials is in a central role in these art works. There are five sculptures, of whichfour are replicas of fire extinguishers made of different materials and one is a negative form of a fire extinguisher, like a mold cast into plaster. The same format in different materials is a reminder of the high-quality material research done at Aalto University.  Glass, cast iron, plaster and concrete are familiar materials, but geopolymer is a new material which utilises recycled porcelain. The geopolymer fire extinguisher by artist Halinen might also be the first artwork made of this material.

Photos 1.-2. Mikko Raskinen/Aalto-yliopisto